Why Invest in Bangka Belitung ?

Why Invest in Bangka Belitung ?

Bangka Belitung is a widely opened the opportunities to be a competitive location for domestic and foreign investors. As growing area, it has many factors as the main attractions, they are conducive area, tolerance, various natural resources, strategic and regional government supports.


A Condusive area is one of the attractions that offered by Bangka Belitung to potential investors. The people support in creating this condition so that it can guarantee the business of the investors. Based on the number of criminal recording, Bangka Belitung is in the lowest position than other provinces in Sumatra area. Moreover, the increasing number of tourists in Bangka Belitung is also as the indicator that Bangka Belitung is secure and comfortable to be visited. It proved that Bangka Belitung is ready to welcome the domestic and foreign investors who interested to invest and to develop their business. Meanwhile, the number of domestic and foreign tourists in Bangka Belitung in 2012 as the diagram below:


People of Bangka Belitung have high tolerance and it becomes one of the profits for potential investors. There are various tribes and religion who respect each others. This tolerance can be seen from the various worship houses in this province for example 807 mosques, 192 churches, 10 temples, 63 monasteries. From that characteristic, people of this province are ready to welcome the potential investors from various tribes to invest in this province.


Bangka Belitung enrich with resources, either natural or human resources. Coastal, marine and fishery, mining, agriculture, trade and service, tourism, and industry are interesting sectors for investors to be developed. Motivated human resources are available in this province. There are also universities and polytechnic to support this area in providing the expert to create innovation, especially in technology.


Bangka Belitung Archipelago Province cooperates to develop SIBABA (Singapore-Bangka-Bali) international flight route as the access for investors to Bangka Belitung. Moreover, it is also developed connecting seaport in Belitung Island that connects sea transportation and trade line between Sumatera and Kalimantan Islands. In MP3EI design, Bangka Belitung is passed by ALKI line that is an international trade line in future.


Government of Bangka Belitung Archipelago Province through Governor Regulation Number 40 Year 2010 about the Implementation of Integrated One Stop Service in Regional Investment Coordinating Board of Bangka Belitung Archipelago Province gives the easier business to the investors through the Integrated One Stop Service. By integrating services, it is expected the investors will get an efficient (exact time and fee) licenses services.

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